Traditional medias are undergoing several crises. For instance, young people tend to prefer internet and social medias then traditional ones, but online journalism do not have the same professionalism. You can find on these medias, fake news and fake-images, biased journalism, semi-information etc. Online-journalism rely greatly on images and videos that often are mediocre, and do not match with the text. In that context, images lose their senses. This workshop aims to teach you the role of images to help convey informations, to make you develop a critical mind, and if you have your own report, help you to publicate it. 




  • Develop curiosity and empathy 
  • Meet other to learn how to live together 
  • Develop a citizen consciousness and the taste for the news 
  • Sharpen your critical mind
  • Learn the basics of photography


  • History of images in medias 
  • Presentation of different medias and analysis of images in medias 
  • Technique photographique – Étude des styles de sujets.
  • Making a photo report
  • Picture editing, layout and framing 
  • Captions and editorial writing
  • Publication




4 x 2h


from 13 to 16 yo


a class


in class and outdoor



magazines, news papers

a video projector