Our association is open to all passionates about photography, art, creation or cultural mediation, it is also your space. You want to share our discussions, our workshops, our meetings, the collective is enriched by others. You can express your interest by joining the association or making a donation in cash or in kind, it will be subject for a tax deduction.

Annual membership fee for active private or legal persons: 20 €


Under the article 200 of the General French Tax code, all donations to association of general interest, such as A Propos, entitle to tax reductions. This also applies to patronage. 

For private individuals, the tax reduction represent 66% of the donation amount, by a maximum of 20% of the taxable income. 

If the donation is superior to 20% of the taxable income, the exceeding amount is deferred to the next 5 years and still entitles to a tax reduction. 

For compagnies, the tax reduction represents 60% of the donation amount, by a maximum of 0.5% of the turnover. 

Example: an individual makes a donation of 160 euros to our association, the tax reduction is of 105,60 euros. The individual will have spent 54,40 euros.