Association of author-photographers

True to its values, À propos makes the link between photographers, people and institutions to promote and share the visions of each of its members


Our associative project is based on a set of artistic projects, some of them have a cultural mediation component. The methodologies are specific to each intervener, but they all have a pragmatic approach as described by John Dewey in his book Art as Experience, which advocates a vision of art in a democratic society, and which, through experimentation, unravels the intimidating myths that hinder artistic creation.

© Xavier Dumoulin


Our association À propos explores the photographic medium and pictures in general through an artistic point of view.

The association is composed by author-photographers, amateur photographers, artisans and civil society members. 

It carries the personal or collective approaches of its members and their visions of the world through artistic or creative cultural mediation projects. 

Each project must allow to share experiences and knowledges in order to learn from one another at all stages of the project until the restitution.



Openness is among the main values of our association, so naturally we welcome partnerships, whether it is institutional, associative or private. All are partners share our values and recognize our professionalism. 


The Administration

Composed by the coordinators, civic service interns and skilled volunteers


The Executive Board

The President Marie-Laure Ponsolle, the Secretary Xavier Dumoulin, Jean-Louis Salanabe, Lydia Sanchez,  Vincent Lebée, Pierre Antoine Lalaude


Its mission 

Monitoring call for projects, helping the making of projects, searching financial aids, managing the communication and bookkeeping 

Marie-Laure Ponsolle

The President