Indian Ashram

Photographer and member of À Propos, Fabienne Percheron’s work is exhibited at the gallery L’Angle until 28 July 2019.

In the footsteps of a community, the photographs combine a minimalist treatment, just as a watercolor or Japanese prints. These works testify to the resilient reappropriation of nature. The visitors will recognise the meaningful symbols, opening the doors to other worlds.

– Philippe Glorieux, coordinator of the association À Propos.

Nature as a symbol!

In 2015, Fabienne Percheron did a trip of several month in India. During this initiatory itinerary, she discovered a new country and met many people, she practiced meditation and yoga. Photography was a space of freedom and “ex-pression”. When she returns, she sets up exhibitions.

“Indian Ashram” marks the end of this work, and takes us in a place full of energy. Fabienne said, that the walls are still standing, sometimes the roofs in suspension are ready to give way. Perched on the heights of the Ganges, at the gates of the jungle, there is an abandoned ashram. A few round stone huts seem conducive to meditation, some buildings still standing once were accommodations for the faithful who came to seek inner peace. From this spiritual era still emanates a very special energy.