Born in Pau in 1989, Adrien Basse-Cathalinat lives in between Toulouse and his native Béarn. Passionate about pictures since its early years, it’s the naivety and simplicity of photography that brought him to attend a vocational photography training in Montpellier. He graduated in 2013. He made a decisive encounter with the author-photographer and member of the VU agency, Jean-Luc Chapin. During his years of training, he made many experiences, which enabled him to focus his work on two major subjects: the notion of identity through the study of the Pyrenean culture and the relation between humans and nature. This two subjects are currently separately being covered but are meant to make one. Adrien now wants to enriched his approach, by attending sociology classes at the Jean-Jaurès university in Toulouse.


Xavier Dumoulin is a French modern photographer who lives in Pau. His work spotlights environmental problems: light pollution, globalisation, climate change etc. He captures gracefully the anthropocene, this growing distance between humans and nature.  But beyond that tragic observation, through his photographs he reminds us not to forget to look at what the world has still to offer: although transformed, starry nights and landscapes remain beautiful. Since 2011, Xavier Dumoulin has released three photography series “Limits”, “Incandescent”, “Passengers of the Night”. His work is regularly exhibited in parisian galleries and has won many photography prizes.

Laurence FLEURY

Journalist, press photographer, drone-pilot and documentaries director, Laurence Fleury has made human relationships her job. From the corner of the street to the end of the world, she tells the stories of others, share their daily lives and capture their emotions with dignity. Depending on the subject, she swaps her camera for her video camera, just to tell stories, to be a witness of the world. She works with many local and national press agencies, companies, associations and film production companies. She won many awards for her reports.

Pierre-Antoine Lalaude

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Laurent Dourrieu

Laurent Dourrieu studied political sciences. He started working for the local public action in the late nineties. Meanwhile, he has always been passionate about photography, and wherever he went he took pictures and portraits. In order to share its passion he created in 2018 the Photography Workshop. 

Whether he is working for companies or individuals, through each of his portraits he aims to reveal the character of the models. He refuses to abide to studio lighting standards, he sculpts dark photo studios with lights. As he creates tailored settings, each photo shoot is singular and reflects the model’s personality. Laurent likes to focus more on listening to what the model has to say then on the technicality of photography. 

Besides its work orders, he is pursuing its own projects. Nevertheless, both of them follow the same artistic approach. Among his personal projects are Haïku and nude photography as well as portraits of exiled people. Some of his photographs are subject to exhibitions. 



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